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Julia Scott

Founder & CEO

“I love the challenge of working with dynamic client teams, pushing myself to create a better company, and that every day is unlike any other.”

Before forming JScott Marketing, Julia Scott worked for six years as a newspaper reporter, including a stint at the Star-Ledger where she contributed to a Pulitzer Prize. Later, Julia started a website to help people save money that became a national brand, featured in the Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America, NPR, and dozens more national media outlets. Through these adventures, she discovered and mastered many marketing and communications solutions that her team now offers to clients. Julia relishes the unique challenge of building relationships with each of her clients and their teams and is proud that 75% of our partnerships continue beyond the initial contract.

When Julia is not taking charge for her clients, she loves to be in the woods, grow (some of) her own food, and wake up early.

Her Superpowers

Listening to clients and my team. My natural curiosity—I learn something from almost everyone I meet.

Her Weakness

Dark chocolate-covered pretzels

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Sabrina Pelletier

Account Manager

“I love that every work day is full of surprises as we help our clients with their immediate and long-term marketing needs.”

Sabrina is a social media rockstar who takes it upon herself to continually learn more about her field and the tools available, and pushes us to earn better results for our clients. She is whip-smart and never shies away from a challenge—though we’ve given her quite a few. Clients love her because she is the hardest working Millennial they have ever met. Got a marketing problem? You’ll want Sabrina on your team.

Sabrina loves cuddling with her small furry creatures, including two guinea pigs, a chinchilla, and her three cats, Penelope, Evee, and Roo.

Her Superpowers

Learning so quickly she has transformed from a shy Administrative Assistant to a confident, capable Account Manager at JScott Marketing. Baking the best snickerdoodle cookies you’ll ever eat!

Her Weakness

Cats! If she could have 100, she would.

Building Partnerships | Marketing Strategy | Strategic Relationships | Budgeting | Planning | Interviews | Conference Speaking | Leadership | Vision

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Julie Hills

Lead Editor, Content and Messaging

“Words are like flowers in a garden. I love helping our clients select just the right ones for their landscape and weeding out typos and ambiguities so they can tell their story clearly.”

Julie Hills is our writer and editor extraordinaire. She helps our clients turn their stories into clear, compelling messages that invite their audience to take action. She holds us to high standards when it comes to the written word, but we’d argue that she’s the friendliest grammar grouch you’ll meet. Communication is her forte, and she has taught us all to be better communicators, too. As a former photojournalist, she has a keen eye for photography.

When Julie is not enlightening the world to the finer points of good grammar, you’ll find her in a campervan in the woods with her family. She has competed nationally in Ultimate Frisbee.

Her Superpowers

Using semicolons for the forces of good and not of evil. Meeting deadlines no matter what (“It’s only a flesh wound!”). Finding the bright side to any situation.

Her Weakness

Finding a bargain

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