Flourish Beauty Lab, a Vermont-based maker of hair and skin care formulas that are safe for those with allergies, sensitivities, and delicate skin, had a strong, loyal customer base. With revenue streams impacted by COVID-19, the owner wanted to strengthen online sales and better position the brand to connect with current and future customers.


First, we developed a Content Marketing Plan with an expert roadmap that broke down how to use content marketing to acquire new customers so that efforts support their ambitious sales goal.


Second, we created a compelling “Our Story” page that beautifully tells the brand’s story in a way that deepens relationships with existing customers and builds trust with new customers. Now, the page functions as a “one-pager” for new customers, vendors, wholesale accounts, and other partners to appreciate the “why” behind Flourish, compelling followers to become advocates. 


Testimonial from client:

“I can see a ton of work and planning went into it. It is a very detailed, easy to understand plan. When I was explaining to my webmaster, he was super concerned that the outline wasn’t going to be clear enough. When he saw it he said, ‘This is perfect. You’re definitely going to be able to work from this.’ How you organized the priorities was super, super helpful.”

– Kirsten Connor, Flourish Beauty Lab

Flourish’s website now has an “Our Story” page that explains the “why” of Flourish, compelling followers to become advocates.

Client gained a 49-page Content Marketing Strategy with short and long-term recommendations and Best Practices that makes content marketing efficient and effective.

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