Jessica Ricci Jewelry, an upscale jewelry company in Providence, RI, came to us wanting to refine her brand identity, a greater online presence, and a way to grow brand awareness and loyalty through media coverage.


We developed clear and engaging brand messaging that created consistency across her e-commerce site and social media channels. We reviewed her email marketing and social media platforms on Facebook and Twitter, and trained staff to increase adoption of best practices for engaging and consistent messaging. We created a customized pitch for boutiques, catalogs, websites, and brick-and-mortar retailers to develop new relationships.

We crafted an engaging press release that targeted A-list travel and style outlets across the country. Client’s exposure increased as a result of the relationships we established with several reporters and editors.

We conducted a detailed Google Analytics audit of client’s website, discovering several roadblocks that were preventing higher sales. We worked with the client and her tech staff to remove the roadblocks and decrease the clicks required to make a purchase.

We thoroughly reviewed every page of the client’s website, with an eye to improving her customers’ user experience, and made numerous recommendations to increase page load speed, simplify users’ ability to find needed information quickly, and convert web visits into sales. We worked with client’s developer to rapidly implement many of the changes.


Client’s brand message became consistent and cohesive across all channels and mediums, and focused on engaging customers to act and respond to advertising messages.

Client increased email marketing open rates and click-through rates by using best practices we provided.

Retailer pitches opened up new lines of revenue.

Users spent 42% more time on the site, increasing sales by improving the user experience and removing roadblocks to conversions.

Shoppers became more engaged in product messaging through likes, clicks, and shares on social media, which in turn increases the reach of client’s brand and social media posts.

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