Socially minded employment agency Working Fields wanted to improve their ability to convey the incredible impact of their employment agency that helps those struggling with addiction and convictions obtain second chances at success through supported employment.


We performed SEO keyword research to identify strong keywords that would improve their web search position. We leveraged these keywords for professionally updated, SEO-optimized web copy to increase their web traffic and quickly convey the “why” behind the business for employers and referring agencies landing on the website.

We adapted the web copy to create consistent messaging for a compelling investor presentation, collaborating with a videographer and visual designer to produce a seamless invitation that encourages investors to meet with the client.

Additionally, we drafted a blog post and postcard to announce a prestigious award, helping client reinforce their messaging and promote their work to potential clients.


Compelling web copy conveys the benefits of partnering with Working Fields.

Website copy optimized for SEO to increase website traffic.

Polished presentation supported fundraising efforts.

Succinct, clear wording honed from website messaging into a postcard announcing a prestigious award quickly conveyed a powerful message about the agency’s impact to stakeholders.

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