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Few things have given me a stronger sense of Imposter Syndrome than launching a blog. Despite all the evidence that I was pretty good at what I did, the proverbial blank page of a company blog filled my head with doubt that I had anything important to write about. But a good cup of joe, a quick search of the ole’ interwebs, and one handy list later, I was breathing easier again. I had a list of steadfast, trusty blogging ideas not only to launch strong, but to keep the ball rolling during those inevitable months when time, energy, or creativity flag.

(If you’re still wondering whether you, too, should start a blog for your business, do not pass Go, do not collect $200 — go straight to our post about some of the great things a company blog can do for you.)

Bedrock Blogging

It’s important to include a variety of post types for a well-rounded company blog. You’ll find that the list of blogging ideas includes topics that will be short, long, specific, general, current-customer-oriented, future-customer-oriented, and much more. But to get the most bang for your buck, you’ll want to regularly include posts that:

  • Are evergreen (meaning they can be shared and read for a long time to come, rather than just timely posts that will become old news),
  • Establish authority in your field and position you as an expert,
  • Include a call to action (CTA), and
  • Use best practices for SEO blogging.

When you weave these guiding principles throughout the majority of your content, you’ll have a company blog that can serve many functions relating to the end goal of cementing your brand and converting more web visitors to paying customers.

So without further ado, here are…

19 Blogging Ideas for Your Company Blog

  1. Educate the public about your field, especially on aspects that are currently in the news or affecting your ideal clients
  2. Define common terms and acronyms in your field
  3. Answer common questions prospective clients frequently ask (each question may well be its own post!)
  4. “Give away” knowledge by presenting tutorials and solutions to frequent/common problems related to your field
  5. Expand on FAQ questions in greater detail
  6. Help prospective customers understand why they need your product or services
  7. Outline what makes your customer service shine
  8. Share a story about the origin of your business
  9. Talk about why you’re the best at what you do (Even if you feel like you’re bragging — this is where you’re allowed to!)
  10. Share a testimonial or success story
  11. Share company news
  12. Review new products, books, or technology
  13. Illustrate concepts in your field with photos
  14. Interview a bigwig from your field
  15. Respond to news or articles about your field
  16. Share motivational quotes and stories
  17. Announce a giveaway to gain leads (make sure to share these posts far and wide on social media!)
  18. Share the best advice you’ve been given
  19. Share tools, tips and tricks you use to make your life and work simpler

Take fifteen minutes today to sit down and identify some of the treasures you have to share with your blogging audience. Publishing regular, high-quality blog posts can help you drive traffic to your website and connect with prospective customers, so what’s stopping you?

Need some help getting your company blog off the ground? We can help.

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