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Julia Scott with John Hirschler of Sightsailing of Newport

About Julia Scott

Julia Scott

JSM founder Julia Scott is a seasoned communications and marketing expert who is passionate about making marketing and PR easy for her clients.

After six years as a newspaper reporter, including a stint at the Star-Ledger where she contributed to a Pulitzer Prize, Julia started a website to help people save money that became a national brand, featured in the Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America, NPR, and dozens more national media outlets.

Julia now offers many of the same marketing and communications solutions that made her own brand so successful to small businesses that want to get noticed, and she speaks regularly at conferences and business groups.

JScott Marketing & PR has been a joyous and successful venue for Julia to continue following a few of her passions: building client relationships, helping their businesses grow and shine, and always tackling new challenges. Starting as a solo endeavor just a few years ago, it has grown into an estimable team of specialists who take pride in the seeing 75% of clients continue their partnership beyond the initial contract. 

When she’s not taking charge for her clients, she loves to be in the woods, grow (some of) her own food, and wake up early.