Julia Scott

Julia Scott she/her

Founder & CEO

“I love the challenge of working with dynamic client teams, pushing myself to create a better company, and that every day is unlike any other.”

Before forming J.Scott Marketing, Julia worked as a newspaper reporter, contributing to a Pulitzer Prize and starting a website that was featured in the Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America, NPR, and more. Through these adventures, she discovered and mastered many marketing and communications solutions that her team now offers to clients. Julia relishes the unique challenge of building relationships with each of her clients and their teams and is proud that 75% of our partnerships continue beyond the initial contract.

When Julia is not taking charge for her clients, she loves to be in the woods, grow (some of) her own food, and wake up early.


Listening to clients and her team. Natural curiosity. Learning something new from everyone she meets.


Dark chocolate-covered pretzels.

Building Partnerships | Marketing Strategy | Strategic Relationships  | Interviews | Conference Speaking | Leadership | Vision


Lavada Thompson

Operations Manager

“Productivity and profitability. That’s my jam. Nothing is more fulfilling to me than transforming a team into a fun and collaborative, profit-producing machine.”

With more than 15 years of project management and marketing experience, Lavada loves supporting entrepreneurs to build a business beyond your wildest dreams. She has a knack for streamlining processes and establishing systems to improve productivity and profitability. Lavada is all about the NUMBERS and leads with data-driven insights to help you achieve your goals.

Fun Fact: Lavada graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and as part of her undergraduate studies programmed a robot to find its way through a maze. One of her favorite quotes of all time is “Don’t worry that you’ll take a shot and miss. Fact is you’ll miss every shot you don’t take.”


Bringing energy, charisma and light to the projects she manages. Leading with empathy and respect.


Honey Buns.

Project Management | Digital Marketing | B2B Lead Generation | Leadership


Sabrina Colonna


“Words are the bridge between brilliant ideas and an exceptional impact. I love helping brands find their voice and crafting stories that resonate with the right audience.”

With a BA in English Literature and a professional background as an SEO content manager, Sabrina has honed her skills by crafting brand stories that capture the essence of a business. She thrives on the challenge of unraveling the unique puzzle that each client brings and enjoys transforming complex ideas into compelling, communicable narratives.  

When not immersed in her work with J.Scott Marketing, Sabrina works as a paraeducator in a public high school woodshop. In her free time, she loves working with her hands, painting, trying out new recipes, and going on hikes with her husband and their greyhound mix, Blueberry.


Capturing brand voice just so, creating things of beauty with her hands.


NY pizza.

Long-form content | Webcopy | Editing