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Julia Scott

Founder & CEO

“I love the challenge of working with dynamic client teams, pushing myself to create a better company, and that every day is unlike any other.”

Before forming J.Scott Marketing, Julia worked as a newspaper reporter, contributing to a Pulitzer Prize and starting a website that was featured in the Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America, NPR, and more. Through these adventures, she discovered and mastered many marketing and communications solutions that her team now offers to clients. Julia relishes the unique challenge of building relationships with each of her clients and their teams and is proud that 75% of our partnerships continue beyond the initial contract.

When Julia is not taking charge for her clients, she loves to be in the woods, grow (some of) her own food, and wake up early.


Listening to clients and the team. Natural curiosity. Learning something new from everyone she meets.


Dark chocolate-covered pretzels.

Building Partnerships | Marketing Strategy | Strategic Relationships | Budgeting | Planning | Interviews | Conference Speaking | Leadership | Vision

Wilson Buebendorf

Marketing Associate

“I enjoy digital marketing because it is a creative, yet measurable solution for small businesses and offers plenty of opportunities to experiment with new ideas along the way.”

Wilson, our marketing associate, is passionate about all areas of marketing from social media management to search engine optimization. He earned his degree in marketing and has worked with several small businesses in the Madison, WI area, helping to optimize their digital strategies. Wilson enjoys building strong client relationships and creating compelling organic content for social media. 

In his free time, you’ll find him running alongside Lake Michigan, visiting local flea markets, or writing songs in his home studio


Asking thoughtful questions. Bringing positive energy. Staying eager to learn.


Sour candy.

Email Marketing | Organic Social Media | Marketing Administration | Blogging

Ann Ittoop

Editor & Content Writing Specialist

“There’s nothing like turning a pile of words into an engaging story to capture the essence of a brand. I truly enjoy putting on different brand voice hats to create those narratives.”

Ann is our writer and editor extraordinaire. She helps our clients turn their stories into clear, compelling messages that invite their audiences to take action. She has an eagle eye for editing and holds high standards when it comes to drafting effective copy for blog posts, emails, and social media content.

Besides her writing skills, she has deep knowledge of web content and SEO best practices. This allows her to draft content with both your brand and search engines in mind.

When Ann has spare time, she enjoys cooking, blaring music around her house, and spending time with her husband and two cats.


Being a marketing swiss army knife. Creating content for different voices.


Animals, specifically cats, groundhogs, and monkeys.

Brand Messaging | Copywriting and editing | Technical and on-page SEO | Marketing

Celeste Martinez

Social Media Marketing Manager

“I enjoy the continuous learning that comes with working in social media. If there is a challenge, I get excited to find the solution.”

Celeste, our driven marketing manager, brings a creative visual eye, an infectious energy, and a collaborative spirit to our team. She relishes making connections personally and professionally, and watching creative partnerships unfold. A great day at work for Celeste is filled with innovative strategizing and staying on top of ever-changing social media trends so that clients don’t have to.

When she’s not at her desk, Celeste likes to clear her mind with a trail run, peruse the farmers market, or make a playlist for the perfect day (hello, Harry Styles!).


Building lasting relationships. Making you feel after five minutes of conversation like you’ve known her for years. Learning new tricks.


Rewatching her favorite shows and movies.

Paid Social Media | Organic Social Media | Social Media Strategy | Content Management