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Julia Scott

Founder & CEO

“I love the challenge of working with dynamic client teams, pushing myself to create a better company, and that every day is unlike any other.”

Before forming J.Scott Marketing, Julia worked as a newspaper reporter, contributing to a Pulitzer Prize and starting a website that was featured in the Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America, NPR, and more. Through these adventures, she discovered and mastered many marketing and communications solutions that her team now offers to clients. Julia relishes the unique challenge of building relationships with each of her clients and their teams and is proud that 75% of our partnerships continue beyond the initial contract.

When Julia is not taking charge for her clients, she loves to be in the woods, grow (some of) her own food, and wake up early.


Listening to clients and the team. Natural curiosity. Learning something new from everyone she meets.


Dark chocolate-covered pretzels.

Building Partnerships | Marketing Strategy | Strategic Relationships | Budgeting | Planning | Interviews | Conference Speaking | Leadership | Vision

Ashlie Woods

Marketing Manager

“I love bringing words and visuals together to help each brand tell their story.”

Ashlie, our detail-oriented marketing manager, brings strong communication skills, a knack for asking just the right questions, and a sharp eye for optimizing the impact of social media ads. A lover of all things creative, she finds ways to infuse that vision into her personal and professional lives. Brands that are investing in digital marketing to grow have an edge with her on their team. 

During the warmer months you’ll find her camping, boating, and enjoying the outdoors. During the cooler months you’ll find her spending time by the fireplace with her husband, daughter, and rescue dog.


Creating and maintaining lasting personal and professional relationships. Balancing mom, home, and work life. Going after the things I want!


Junk food and reality shows are my guilty pleasures.

Organic and Paid Social Media Marketing | Client Relationships | Project Management | Ad Design

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Julie Hills

Lead Editor, Content and Messaging

“I love finding just the right words for clear, compelling messaging because no two stories are the same.”

Julie is our writer and editor extraordinaire. She helps our clients turn their stories into clear, compelling messages that invite their audience to take action. She holds us to high standards when it comes to the written word, but we’d argue that she’s the friendliest grammar grouch you’ll meet. Communication is her forte, and she has taught us all to be better communicators, too. As a former photojournalist, she has a keen eye for photography.

When Julie is not enlightening the world to the finer points of good grammar, you’ll find her in a campervan in the woods with her family. She has competed nationally in Ultimate Frisbee.


Finding the bright side in every situation. Meeting deadlines no matter what (“It’s only a flesh wound!). Listening so well that you want to tell her all your secrets.


Finding a bargain.

Brand Messaging | Copywriting | Copy Editing | Blogging | SEO Keyword Integration

Sean Smith

Marketing Associate

“I love supporting small businesses and finding ways to promote what makes them special.”

Sean, our team’s Marketing Associate, quickly made himself indispensable. His enthusiasm for tackling new challenges is matched by his adaptability and his affinity for thoughtful communication. Sean brings a community-minded perspective to the JSM team that challenges us all to find even more ways to make a difference where we live.

When he’s not busy catching every curve ball we throw at him, you’ll likely find him writing songs or enjoying the outdoors.


Thinking outside the box.


Getting caught in live music rabbit holes on YouTube.

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