“I’ve been surprisingly productive when we’re working together.”

– John Hirschler, Owner, Sightsailing of Newport

Think of us as a strategic marketing team that comes to you. We offer a full spectrum of marketing and public relations solutions – across social media, print, web, and more. From our broad marketing toolkit, we craft a customized program to meet your goals and maximize ROI.

We offer agency-level services at small business prices because we have very low overhead. Most of our day-to-day work is done virtually, through email and phone calls; with monthly in-person meetings for quality face time.

We spend a good amount of time upfront getting to know you, your team, and the brand before we present a proposal outlining the projects we will tackle and the flat fee associated with each project. We typically structure our work over six months, with a flat monthly fee so that you can plan for a regular marketing budget. Six months gives us enough time to truly achieve the results that we both want to see.

As with our other clients, we become part of your team. Working together, we mastermind the PR and marketing strategy, execute it, and regularly analyze progress so that we may continually refine our strategy and improve our results. We continually refine how we work to maximize results.

We work across many industries, including food and beverage, tourism, hospitality, nonprofits, start-ups, and other small businesses looking to get noticed.

A great example of our track record

“It’s been so fun working with you on marketing projects the past several months. Your energy and enthusiasm are infectious.”
– Joanna Detz, Executive Director, ecoRI News
“Julia’s analytics audit was revealing and interesting, but not too scary!”
– Sandy Carney, Owner, Sanderson Yachting
“Wow!! You nailed it. Nice work Julia!!! It’s like you were living my life for a while there…Thank you writing our lemonade story.”
– Jacqueline Vaughn, Mumma’s Lemonade