To hit their ambition growth goals, this regenerative regional food system wanted to increase growth in its target market, expand into a totally new market, and launch a new product under a tight timeline. The in-house team craved a data-based approach to generating leads and conversions, but lacked the expertise and bandwidth to move forward.


We built a marketing funnel from top to bottom, including launching Google ads (PPC campaigns), crafting a fresh landing page designed to convert leads, and building a new email series to nurture leads for the regenerative regional food system.

As the client’s strategic marketing team, we forged a strong relationship early on by advising them truthfully about their preferred direction, while keeping lines of communication flowing. Their regenerative regional food system team loved having a digital marketing partner they could rely on to achieve their growth goals.


“We’ve been over the moon with the partnership. Your responsiveness, your ability to adapt to what we’re doing, to understand our business and take the time and effort to do that, because it is a unique platform. We’ve been thrilled with how you’ve understood that and been able to implement what we’ve been asking you to do. It’s a different level of quality we’ve seen from your agency than what we’ve worked with in the past.

Bigger places don’t take the time to get to know you. It’s cookie cutter solutions and strategies. We’re really excited to keep it going with you. Your ability to turn things around is key for us.” 

– Andy Kay, CEO, Farmers to You

Launched a new product in seven weeks. 

Built a new, data-based marketing funnel that generated 277 qualified leads in 4 months.

Decreased the cost per lead from $74.01 to $8.89 over 3 months.

Live ROI Dashboard allows in-house team to view results as often as they please.

The client team makes choices confidently with our strategic marketing input on their regenerative regional food system.

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