We simplify the lives of small business owners and support the success of their business dreams by making marketing easy.

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Our Mission

Through our flexible partnership, we deliver custom digital marketing solutions that increase your profits, give you more time for core operations, and make your brand shine.

JScott Marketing team

The J.Scott Marketing team

Our Core Values

  • Listening. We listen deeply to our clients to alleviate the burdens of their jobs and discover opportunities that will help them reach their goals. We listen to each other to offer support.
  • Relationships. We make choices that build relationships, over and above selling marketing strategies.
  • Plain English. We use clear language, explain marketing terms, and encourage questions so clients fully understand how they are investing their marketing dollars.
  • Antiracism. We participate in regular company-wide anti-bias work and as a brand, we are committed to being active participants in calling out and dismantling systemic racism.
  • Learning. We continually deepen our knowledge, including through paid continuing education, to make us better marketers and to increase the value we deliver to clients.
  • Balance. When we lead full, satisfying lives, we nourish our enthusiasm and creativity, bringing our best selves to the job
  • Collaboration. We know when multiple perspectives contribute to a project, it expands our creative thinking and elevates results. It also makes projects a lot more fun.