Providence, RI cafe and specialty coffee roaster Bolt Coffee Co. approached us for help aligning their marketing efforts with their business goals of boosting e-commerce and retail sales. The Bolt team needed a strategic marketing partner to focus on their ads and social media, to measure ROI through data analysis, and to drive results while they stayed on top of core business priorities.


We increased exposure to the client’s unique brand proposition through strategic social media ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, reaching target customers and driving them to purchase specialty coffees through retail stores and a coffee subscription service.

We optimized the client’s campaigns by analyzing website and social media ad performance data. By refining audiences, targeting new interests, expanding ads into new geographic areas, and making strategic changes to visuals and messaging, we maximized ad exposure to increase website and foot traffic, sales, and brand awareness. 

Additionally, we boosted top-performing posts on Facebook and Instagram to increase both visibility and organic engagement, introducing the brand to a wider audience and keeping it top of mind for current customers.


“Julia and her team were super professional, timely, responsive, knowledgeable and flexible. From the get-go, they make every effort to understand one’s business and needs and work together to prioritize an action plan. Everything felt simple and straightforward, we felt prioritized, and we also felt very supported in the things we needed to do on our end. Highly recommend.”

-Ana Lilia Alejandre-Lara, Director of Business Development

In four short months, our ads reached over 84,400 Facebook and Instagram users.

Through optimization, some ads achieved a click-through rate of nearly 17%—more than 13 times the industry average.

Boosting posts introduced thousands of additional Facebook and Instagram users—and potential customers—to the client’s social media content.

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