Hot beverage spill burn expert Dan Cox & Associates sought out expert marketing support to reach four ambitious goals: increasing demand for his services as a consultant and expert witness for hot beverage spill lawsuits, speaking at industry conferences, increasing sales of a hot beverage safety training poster, and licensing a unique caution label for to-go coffee cups. 


To make progress toward these goals, he needed to strengthen his messaging and increase visibility in search engines. We conducted an SEO audit, and created two new SEO-optimized web pages dedicated to individual services, and updated the messaging in the web store. Concurrently, we reviewed website analytics to update the layout and flow for site visitors to take action. We crafted metadata and optimized the client’s website for SEO to increase traffic from search engines.

Once the website was updated, we also created search-engine-optimized monthly blog posts that position client as a subject matter expert. Fresh LinkedIn profiles, regular social media posting, and monthly email campaigns leveraged the blog posts and new web pages, increased visibility among target clients, and provided them with regular opportunities to reach out. Additional web traffic from these sources in turn contributes to client’s rising position in web search for targeted keywords.


Photo Credits: Julia Luckett Photography


Organic website traffic increased by 171%.

Website sessions increased by 719% over two years and three months of the marketing partnership.

Testimonial from client:

“Before using J.Scott Marketing we had no marketing plan associated with our new company. J.Scott brought clarity of purpose and goals as well as introduced us to new avenues required: specifically social media. The staff was very professional and helpful.”

– Dan Cox, Dan Cox & Associates

Increased the company’s LinkedIn following from 6 to triple digits in two months.

Traffic to the website from LinkedIn increased 233%.

Blog posts position our client as subject matter expert and increase trust among his prospective clients.

Email campaigns increased awareness of client among target audience.

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