Brand Design agency Atelier LKS had already built a strong word-of-mouth business, but wanted to increase their web traffic and expand their visibility online. The client wanted to reduce any roadblocks users were experiencing on the site, increasing opportunities to convert website visitors to clients.


Our ace copywriters partnered with the owner to translate her deep design knowledge into regular, engaging blog content woven around key search terms. Consistent, quality posting increased her website’s visibility in web searches, and also reinforced her brand by establishing her as an expert in her field.

A few months after regular blog publishing began, we followed up with an Analytics Audit that revealed how much her web traffic had increased – by a whopping 95%. The audit also highlighted ways to enhance user experience and capture the audience arriving on blog pages. We restructured the navbar to reflect what web visitors were actually interested in and engaging with, and crafted stronger calls-to-action, which further encouraged blog post readers to stay on the site and explore longer. In circular fashion, the higher blog traffic that remains longer on the website will increase the client’s position in web searches.


Google Analytics audit revealed that regular, quality blog posts boosted organic web traffic by 95%!

The increased web traffic led to three new graphic design clients within five months, bringing in thousands of dollars of additional business and generating new personal referral traffic down the line.

We increased organic (unpaid) traffic by 783%. Before our partnership, organic traffic was 29% of total traffic. Now, organic traffic is 65%.

“I’m actually getting new clients from web searches, which hasn’t happened much before. Within the past couple months, I’ve signed three new clients that didn’t find me from a referral. I know this has everything to do with the blog posts that we’re publishing. These blog posts are useful to people, so my site is clearly coming up in search results more.” -Laura Sorensen, Owner, Atelier LKS

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