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Maybe you’ve been recently convinced you need to start a company blog. But despite your good intentions, it never happens. Maybe you’re too busy juggling all those hats you wear as a business owner. Or maybe you just despise writing and want nothing to do with it. 

Did you know you can hire someone to write for you? 

Investing in a marketing writer will take tons of stress off your plate, free up time, and boost your ROI as part of an overall marketing strategy

Banish the blogging blues: Five reasons to hire a marketing writer

A good marketing writer has a multitude of skills they bring to the table. They convey your brand’s message efficiently and possess the professional writing abilities needed to captivate an audience. 

What could be in store when you hire a marketing writer?

    1. More time

Marketing writers get it done. Whether you hate writing, or can do it, but never seem to find the time, they manage the work and make sure it gets done on schedule. You won’t have to worry about quality control, and can trust that they’ll produce fantastic content every time. With all the hours you save, you have more time to focus on core operations and growing your business.

    2. Big-picture strategic thinking

One aspect of your business that marketing writers can help you with is developing a blogging strategy and tying it to your broader business goals. A good marketing team will think about how the blog supports your big-picture objectives and sales goals, and about how it supports specific revenue streams. By creating a solid strategy and planning your blog content out well in advance, it will be easier for your brand to connect with a specific type of customer or prospect. 

Not only that, a marketing partner can also map out an editorial calendar so that your blog articles flow together. This reduces the stress of always wondering what to write about next, as well as leveraging prior posts to keep readers on your site longer, and ensure they leave with a big picture of your expertise and thought leadership. 

A marketing partner will also use SEO keywords to increase search visibility of the blog, and will create an enticing CTA so a reader will take the next steps.

    3. A strong brand voice

A brand voice can be easily established if you have one person writing the content. Marketing writers are skilled in matching and maintaining your brand voice across each blog post, so that each post is consistent with the others, and with the rest of your messaging. This builds trust in your brand. 

A strong brand voice also makes it easier to target your ideal customers. A good marketing writer will work with you to make sure every post matches your brand’s “personality” (professional, sassy, etc.) and speaks to your target audience.

    4. Polished copy

We know that there are many people who are rock stars, but for whom writing or spelling isn’t a strength. No matter how amazing your product or service is, people are turned off by spelling errors, typos, and grammatical mistakes. They may consciously think you didn’t work very hard or subconsciously distrust your ability to care for details. 

Marketing writers are experts in their field, with a keen eye for grammar or punctuation mistakes. They bring an ear for language, syntax, and voice that all help increase readability. 

A professionally written post takes your knowledge and savvy, and puts it together in a way that lets your strengths shine. It subtly and powerfully sends the message that you’re going to take superb care of their project. 

Polished, proofed, professional copy engages your readers, moves them toward conversion, and makes your brand shine.

    5. Maximal ROI

Marketing writers do a phenomenal job maximizing the mileage and ROI for each blog post. A good marketing team will create social posts that link to the blog, publish it natively on other sites (like LinkedIn), and create email campaigns around it to drive traffic to your website. This way, you can further connect with clients and prospects, giving your brand another chance to impress them.

Start looking for a marketing writer

As a business owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate. If you know you want to start a company blog but need support, consider this another area ripe for a marketing investment. Just like other areas of your business that you outsource to pros (accounting, payroll, manufacturing, and IT, just to name a few), you can hire an expert to take this off your plate and propel your business forward. 

Ready to elevate your brand’s marketing strategy and get your company blog off the ground? Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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