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Why hire a digital marketing agency? A professional friend recently asked me why he or another small business owner should hire J.Scott Marketing over another solution. Great question! I thought carefully about it, and the answer felt important enough to share in a blog post. If you’re unhappy with the cost effectiveness of your in-house marketing department, or your agency on record is slacking, this post is for you. Here are the top three reasons why you should hire J.Scott Marketing.

1. Save time

“You make my life easy!” – Joann Carlson, Jo’s American Bistro

We are project managers as well as expert strategists. When you hire us as your digital marketing agency, we manage the flow of all projects under our purview. While we partner with you and check in regularly for top level approval, we take over the day to day tasks of keeping your marketing machines humming–freeing you up to work on your business instead of in your business. We strictly observe deadlines (some say obsessively so), we keep projects on track (including nudging clients when needed), and we deal with all the hassles so you don’t have to. Simply put, hire us and you’ll have more time for the parts of your job that you do enjoy.

In addition to creating custom digital marketing strategies for our clients, we handle the day-to-day project management and deadlines. Things like generating social media content, sourcing photos, calling editors, publishing blog posts to the web, and promoting events in real time. The JSM team is run by a former daily newspaper journalist (me!) and so we crush deadlines in our sleep. We’re pros in the use of time-saving tools for project management and time tracking, to hold ourselves accountable and increase our productivity and efficiency.

2. Results

“I’m actually getting new clients from web searches, which hasn’t happened much before. Within the past couple months, I’ve signed three new clients that didn’t find me from a referral. I know this has everything to do with the blog posts that we’re publishing.” – Laura Sorensen, AtelierLKS

Our reputation is built on results, so we only tackle the marketing projects where we see the highest ROI (return on investment). Whether we focus on blogging, media relations, social media, SEO, or another targeted strategy, this marketing approach has led to very high client retention. And we have many clients who return to us as new projects emerge. Curious about specific results our digital marketing agency has earned? Start with our Success Stories.

Looking for numbers?

  • We nabbed 34 media hits and a three-minute video segment on the local NBC affiliate station for food incubator Hope & Main.
  • We grew the Rhode Island Small Business Center (RISBDC) Facebook page by 1,350%–to nearly 1000 followers–in one year (and still growing strong!).
  • A data-driven website audit of led to changes that boosted visits to booking pages by 536%.

3. Peace of mind

“Everyone was so professional, helpful and all content was great. It really connected with our audience.” – Kristen Viveiros, 95 Lofts

“It’s been so fun working with you on marketing projects the past several months. Your energy and enthusiasm are infectious.” – Joanna Detz, Executive Director, ecoRI

When you hire us, you can rest easy knowing that everything related to marketing is being taken care of. We regularly track data, where available, to keep clients apprised of progress and tweak any tactics we’ve employed. You know that ever-changing world of social media tactics and search engine algorithms? We stay on top of all that so you don’t have to.

With us on your team, you’ll feel relaxed knowing that we are pursuing the right marketing tactics for your business, your brand, and your budget. You’ll have fewer day-to-day tasks as we handle the deadlines, scheduling, email and phone correspondence for your marketing projects. We’ll find that sweet spot of communication where you’re in the loop but comfortable knowing that, as a self-managed and self-driven digital marketing agency, we’ve got this.  (This usually looks like monthly meetings to review projects and progress, with phone calls and emails as needed in between.)

What are you waiting for? Schedule a no-cost 30-minute exploratory call and see if we’re the digital marketing agency for your business.

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