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As of late 2022, there are 4.74 billion social media users worldwide. Over the last year, we witnessed incredible evolutions and innovations like the maturing of TikTok and the impact of OpenAI. A mark has genuinely been made on the way we produce content and how users will consume it. We know social media will continue to develop at a rapid rate, but we thought you’d want to get a preview of what’s to come this year.

Dive into our social media marketing trends and predictions for 2023 to stay in the know. 


Trend #1: The demand for Linkedin Influencers will grow 📈 

LinkedIn has more than 875 million users worldwide, and unlike many other social media platforms, LinkedIn is rated as the most effective platform for driving high-quality leads. The platform recently introduced “creator mode,” allowing users access to additional publishing tools to help them create content and grow their audience base. 

Since LinkedIn creator mode boosts original content, it’s a great way to identify partnerships that will help promote thought leadership and brand recognition for your business. This is where we expect the demand for LinkedIn Influencers, particularly among B2B marketing businesses, to grow as a social media marketing trend. 


Trend #2: Bite-Sized video content📽️

Platforms like TikTok and Instagram’s Reels have taken over the social media content experience, making consumer brains increasingly accustomed to quick, easily-digestible forms of content. Simply put, our attention spans now crave short-form content that doesn’t require much for us to engage with.

The business benefit of short-form video content is that it is potentially easier to produce and publish content due to social media platforms making editing tools increasingly accessible and user-friendly. Given the low production value of creating a short-form video, you can gain audience insights quickly by testing new content ideas often. 

Compared to static images, short-form video posts attract more likes, shares, and reactions and are a social media marketing trend that’s here to stay. 


Trend #3: Artificial Intelligence (AI) will continue to take off 🚀

AI is poised to revolutionize how social media content is developed. One trending example is the use of ChatGPT. This AI chatbot can provide incredibly refined and detailed research by entering a specific prompt. 

While this is an exciting technological advancement, there are some business implications to consider. Effortlessly and rapidly produced content does not always translate to what’s appropriate for your business. AI tools will challenge businesses to stand out among their competitors and target audiences even more meaningfully. This social media marketing trend further reiterates the value of working with experts. You need a team with well-rounded experience to develop a sound marketing strategy that also works to cohesively and consistently position your brand.  


What’s next?

With trends like these, it’s easy to feel you need to jump on several bandwagons. Still, it’s important to continue ensuring your business adopts social media marketing trends based on what’s right for your specific audience and business needs. Are you curious about these social media marketing trends and how they might benefit your business? Reach out for a no-cost, no-obligation exploratory call today!