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Trying to increase your Facebook reach and ROI? A simple search for Facebook marketing tips can feel like learning to game an ever-changing system. And while there can be some satisfaction in crafting the “perfect post” for that elusive algorithm (links! Questions! Pictures of puppies!), sometimes it can even feel like you’re trying to game your customers.

So how can you balance increasing your reach and get more business while still staying true to your brand? Presumably, you went into business with a product you’re passionate about, and Facebook is a vehicle to connect with your clients and show them how you can be indispensable, rather than just spam their newsfeeds with irrelevant and overly promotional posts.

Since getting your followers to interact with your posts and content is the best way to increase your reach, being valuable to your followers is an important skill no matter which way the Almighty Algorithm blows.

Here are 9 engaging Facebook marketing posts that promote your brand while providing actual value for your followers, to turn more of them into customers:

1 – Stay relevant

Well, duh, you say. Isn’t that what we’re all trying to do? What I think this boils down to is asking yourself if your followers would want to see your post in their newsfeed, and share it with their friends. Does the post relate to your product or service (which they “liked” in the first place)? Does it educate them on a topic of they care about, or take them a step closer to making an important connection? They’ve followed you for a reason, and it probably isn’t to see pictures of your cat every morning.

2 – Reference current trending topics

If you can make a legitimate tie-in between a current trending topic and what you’re selling, you can educate or entertain your followers (or both!), reinforcing the sense that your posts are worth their time. For example, if your clients are reps or agents, you could tie in timely celebrity gossip and provide info on how to control the spin. If you have a photography business, you could offer tips for taking smartphone photographs when, say, the next iPhone is announced.

Unless you can stay pretty neutral, it’s probably best to avoid referencing highly political or emotional trends, (unless you can match the interests of your followers, or if you don’t mind losing ones who don’t agree with you).

3 – Get personal

Your customers and clients want to know they’re doing business with real people, particularly if you run a small business. Consider signing your posts (with the poster’s name), doing a regular feature showcasing employees, or simply embracing first person narrative in your posting style.

4 – Ask engaging questions

Everybody knows that asking a question is one way to get followers to comment on your posts. A simple yes/no question serves that purpose, but it’s boring and everyone can see right through it. Asking the right questions helps your customers feel like they’re building a relationship with you, as well as giving you a chance to get real insight into your followers so you can further target your posts to their interests. Mavrck has a list of 10 Engaging Questions to ask if you’re feeling stuck on the format.

5 – Ask them what they want (directly)

Make a specific pitch for their opinion about your product, service, or page! Even ask them what they want to see more of in their newsfeed.

6 – Gratitude

Don’t forget to regularly show gratitude for your followers, using specific examples of how the business has grown and what it’s now able to do because of their support. Thank them for their engagement and feedback.

7 – Hot off the press

Everybody loves to get inside information, so make sure your followers are rewarded with news of new products or promotions before the general public.

8 – Quotes

Used sparingly, an image featuring a good inspirational, funny, or poignant quote (keeping in line with your brand’s personality) can go viral. The best ones manage to help your followers see themselves in the best light, which in turn reinforces their positive perception of your brand as ________ (inspiring, compassionate, whimsical, etc…).

9 – Interact

Once you’ve asked your followers to come out of hiding on your page, show up for them! This includes everything from responding to their answers to the questions you ask, to personally addressing questions, concerns, and even complaints posted on your page. When engaged appropriately, the dissatisfied customer who feels heard and responded to may well become one of your biggest evangelists.

With a little creativity and editorial planning, these tips will help you engage your core followers and reinforce your brand identity, setting the stage for natural Facebook interactions and organically increased reach.

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