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Did you know blogging is a flexible, popular way to increase website traffic? Creating informative and engaging blog posts is an excellent way to encourage new visitors to your website. It can also establish your expertise in your industry, leading to increased credibility and trust with your audience.

Let’s examine how maintaining a regular, active blog helps earn more relevant traffic, build a solid online community,  and grow your business over time.


What is blogging for SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) entails optimizing your website to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords, resulting in more organic traffic. Search engines like Google love to see fresh content published regularly and prioritize frequently updated websites with high-quality content. Blogging is an easy way to achieve this and increase website traffic

Blogging can improve your SEO by providing an opportunity to create keyword-rich content that is also relevant to your industry and your customers. Creating more website pages with priority keywords increases the likelihood of ranking higher in search results when people search for topics related to your business. Blogging for SEO is also a valuable way to increase inbound links, or backlinks, to and from your site. 

What is an example of inbound links?

Inbound links are links from other websites that point to your site. An example of this would be another website linking to a blog on your site. 

Inbound links are essential in determining your website’s authority and credibility and are one of the key factors that search engines consider when ranking your site. Websites are more likely to link to high-quality blogs, so by consistently creating helpful and informative content, you can increase your website’s backlink profile and improve your SEO.

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Promote content and create social media engagement

Social media is another amazing channel to promote your website and increase website traffic. When you publish a new blog post, you should also share it on your social media channels to drive engagement and attract new visitors to your website. By writing a small blurb about your blog and sharing it on social media along with a link, users can get a brief idea of the type of content you create and easily access your site to dig in

Not only does this allow your blogs to reach a wider audience, but it helps boost your social media engagement and presence over time. Like blogging, it’s important to remain consistent and reliable when sharing social media content. This helps create trust between you and your followers, which is imperative in developing a community with brand loyalty.


Build your brand loyalty

Establish yourself as an expert in your industry by providing content relevant to your audience’s needs. A professional, up-to-date blog helps create trust between you and your audience, eventually attracting a loyal following of readers interested in your services and eager to hear from you.

Blogging helps to humanize your brand as you can showcase your personality and connect more deeply with readers. By sharing behind-the-scenes stories, introducing employees, or sharing company culture, you can help customers feel more connected to the brand personally. 

This level of brand loyalty can be difficult to maintain and can take a while to earn. Still, it is a pivotal step in growing your business and continuing to increase website traffic. Remember to remain consistent and personable, and be sure to engage with your readers by responding to comments and interacting with them on social media to help foster a sense of community.

A photo of Laura at Atelier LKS

Case study spotlight: Atelier LKS

Atelier LKS, a reputable brand design agency, had already established a solid word-of-mouth presence. However, they had their sights set on boosting web traffic and expanding their online visibility. To tackle this challenge, our talented writers teamed up with Laura to transform her profound design knowledge into strategic, engaging blog content.

Through consistent, high-quality posting, we successfully enhanced her website’s visibility in organic web searches, reinforcing her brand position and expertise. After a few months of regular blog publishing, we conducted an Analytics Audit, which unveiled a remarkable 95% surge in web traffic. This win truly highlights the value of consistent, strategic blogging.

“I’m actually getting new clients from web searches, which hasn’t happened much before. Within the past couple of months, I’ve signed three new clients that didn’t find me from a referral. I know this has everything to do with the blog posts that we’re publishing. These blog posts are useful to people, so my site is clearly coming up in search results more.” 

Laura Sorensen, Owner, Atelier LKS


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