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If you attended our Top 25 Facebook Marketing Tips presentation given by Julia Scott, our founder, at the Vermont Tourism Summit, keep reading for an organized list of additional resources and “how tos.” The list below will help you quickly learn more about the Facebook marketing tips that most interest you–and even help you execute them. We hope you find this Facebook marketing resource list helpful, and request you comment with your feedback. We read our comments and will respond!

Profile Tips

Tip 1. Take time to fill out your entire profile.

  • Check out Buffer’s full guide to creating and managing your business page here.

Tip 2. Add a simple, recognizable, professional profile image, and a powerful cover photo/video.

Tip 3. Customize your pages username/URL.

  • Walk through steps to customizing your pages username/URL including the guidelines set by Facebook here.

Tip 4. Select the right CTA button for your profile.

Content Tips

Tip 5. Keep posts around 40 characters long.

  • Don’t just take our word for it! Buffer reported that posts with 40 characters received 86% more engagement. Check it out.

Tip 6. Delete URLs after the preview populates from your posts.

Tip 7. Avoid random and excessive hashtags on Facebook. Keep them specific.

  • We love this post outlining three reasons why hashtags help businesses on Facebook.

Tip 8. Use professional photography and video.

Tip 9. Follow the 80/20 rule for your content.

Tip 10. Incorporate video into your content and upload directly to Facebook.

Tip 11. Use Facebook Live to interact with your audience.

Tip 12. Plan posts in advance using an editorial calendar. Then them to post automatically with the Facebook scheduler to consistently reach users with strategic content.

Group Tips

Tip 13. Create a Facebook group if your business could benefit from, or fosters, a community.

Tip 14. Create a content topic rotation schedule and create content in advance to post consistently.

Tip 15. Respond back to comments and posts by group members.

Tip 16. If your group is connected to a Facebook page, invite the user that like your page to join the group.

  • Get walk-through steps from Facebook here.

Tip 17. Promote your group in all other marketing your brand does such as newsletters, social channels, your website, and more!

Ad Tips

Tip 18. Boost content that is performing well organically.

Tip 19. *Take it a Step Further* Skip boosting your posts on the page and boost your content using Ad Manager.

Tip 20. Install the Facebook Pixel on your website.

Tip 21. For Facebook ads, use UTM tags so you can track your efforts in Google Analytics.

Tip 22. Build compelling ads with good images, CTA’s, and more.

Tip 23. Experiment with ad types and creative.

Tip 24. Experiment with audiences and audience types.

General Tips

Tip 25. Decide what your overall goal for Facebook is and optimize your Facebook profile efforts to help you reach that goal.


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