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Blogging is a key piece of any comprehensive marketing strategy. Content that focuses on optimizing SEO can both position you as a thought leader and help potential customers find you in their search process.

But can blogging really increase sales? The answer is yes.

The power of blogging is not something that works in theory only—there are countless case studies to back up the practice, including our clients right here at J.Scott Marketing.

For instance, we helped graphic design company AtelierLKS craft consistent, quality blog posts, which led the brand to both increased visibility and lead generation. By integrating key search terms into engaging blog content on a regular basis, the company increased their web traffic by 95%. Similarly, Dan Cox & Associates had a whopping 171% percent increase in traffic through SEO-optimized website content and monthly blog posts.

Today, we will share tips for crafting quality blog content that will increase sales and land you new clients.

Fertilize the Garden of Your Website

A website is like a garden. You can’t just plant some seeds and cross your fingers; you must water, weed, and fertilize your plants regularly in order for them to grow and prosper. In this same vein, you must engage in regular website upkeep, by publishing high-quality content on a consistent basis.

Did you know that brands who post more blog posts generate around 4.5 times more leads on average? Fresh content helps websites move up the search engine ranks, signaling to Google (and other search platforms) that your website is active, up to date, and relevant to your prospects.

Not only does regular blogging show search engines that your company is alive and well, it also demonstrates an improved user experience. A fresh, updated site attracts more traffic, for longer “sessions.” And that captivating blog content that keeps your visitors on the site longer also, in turn, boosts your SEO.

Backlinking Means Business

All roads (or links) lead to home: that’s the goal when it comes to publishing meaningful blog content. Link-building through SEO blogging is a great way to get ahead of your competitors, get in front of relevant prospects, and present as a subject matter expert in your industry.

First and foremost, ensure that you internally link to your own content (linking from one blog post to another, for example). This is a simple and effective way to rise through the ranks and reiterate your presence to search engines.

Next, make sure you share insights that other websites will want to showcase on their own platforms. When you create relevant, informative content, your industry will take note and begin to reference your posts in their own writings. When other websites link to you, this helps boost SEO as search engines recognize you as a trusted, high-quality source.


Believe it or not, this is a strategy that few brands currently succeed at, with 94 percent of the world’s content never being externally linked, and only 2 percent being referenced by two or more external websites. But this doesn’t have to mean that the odds are stacked against you—rather, see it as a blessing in disguise. With the effective strategy in place, you can gain domain authority more quickly than you ever could have imagined.

Keywords = Connection

There are many ways to optimize your blog for SEO in order to increase web traffic. One central way to strengthen your searchability? Keywords.

Keywords are the commonly used terms your prospective customers type into a search engine. By incorporating these words and phrases into your website content, you are more likely to land right in your customer’s lap (or on their phone). When they find your website, they will see that you can solve their problem, thus generating leads.

Solve the Problem, Seal the Deal

SEO lands prospects on your page, but carefully crafted messaging and relevant, high-quality content keeps them there and guides them along their customer journey. Your blog content is the perfect grounds for showing your prospects how much value your brand can add to their lives.

Once people reach the bottom of your insightful, informative, and subtly persuasive piece, the call to action (CTA) at the end is the icing on the cake. It entices prospects to reach out and take action toward becoming a client by making the next step clear and simple.

So how does blogging increase sales?

In short, blogging increases sales by:

  • Bringing more traffic to your site
  • Providing value to your prospective customers to increase trust
  • Selling your prospects on the benefits of your brand
  • Giving them a simple and easy way to take action and become a customer

Here at J.Scott Marketing, our clients have seen their leads increase and their businesses transform as a result of consistent blogging. But our clients are not anomalies—you too can transform cold leads into loyal customers, all through the power of content.

Curious how blogging can help you attract new clients to your company? Reach out to set up an exploratory call.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

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