In Our Values

We believe small businesses can make a big impact, especially when they know their core values. It’s why we’ve spent a lot of time over the last two years identifying our own core values and making tangible, intentional plans to enact them in our day-to-day work. In fact, we think one of the best parts of owning your own business is getting to choose what you value, and how to live that out. 

For us, this looks like prioritizing antiracism, building relationships with our clients over selling them marketing solutions, and striving to keep learning, growing, and finding all the ways we can make the world better. 

This summer, we leaned into our core value of balance. We’re advocates for balancing work with rest and fulfillment. The things that make us more content, more creative, and more likely to show up as our best selves to any work we do. 

What we did this summer to find balance 

Julia Scott, Founder and CEO

Because of my job flexibility, I was able to climb Camel’s Hump on a Tuesday with my family and about 10 friends. It feels special to take time off during the traditional workweek. Somehow, knowing “everyone else” is working made the hike extra fun (not to rub it in!). And knowing I could catch up [with work] that evening meant I could fully enjoy each step of the mountain. My only regret is wanting more time at the summit. There’s nothing quite like being on top of the world.

At 4,083 feet, Camel’s Hump is tied for the third-highest mountain in Vermont.

Phoenix Nghiem, Junior Account Manager 

I’m lucky to be able to get my work done in the morning and hang out at a museum in the afternoon! This summer, I’ve really loved exploring and adventuring around the city I grew up in. There is no shortage of arts and culture around KC. My favorite spot, so far, has been the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, which showcases art from various countries and cultures.

Soaking up Monet at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

Ready for marketing to support your business dreams?

Celeste Martinez, Social Media Account Manager

I find balance by spending time outside. Living in Colorado makes it quite easy. It is a wonderful way to explore the place I live in and get some time under the sun. Some of my favorite activities include hiking, trail running, and rafting on the Colorado River. Working for JSM gives me the opportunity to prioritize things that are healthy for me mentally as well as physically, and also lets me work when I can perform best professionally. By having a flexible schedule, I am able to get outside and come back with a clear head and get ready to grind. 

Exploring Moab, UT.

Julie Hills, Content and Messaging Editor 

A flexible work schedule helps me make space for work, family, and new adventures! I traveled to the USAU Masters National Championships in July, where my team took the bronze medal in the women’s Grand Masters division. Following an early life of incoordination and marked unathleticism, it’s been a joy to participate in a sport that welcomed me as an adult and changed what I believed I was capable of. It’s also pretty cool to kick some butt and have a blast with “women of a certain age.” Never stop growing!

Lucky beads from my daughter kept me going through three days of 90-plus-degree Colorado heat.

Ann Ittoop, Editor and Content Writing Specialist

One of the ways I make time for balance is in the simple tradition of making chaya, an Indian tea. The process takes about 15 minutes which seems like a lot of time to spend on making a single drink, but I find it’s worth it. Worth it because within that time, I find stillness and an opportunity to reflect on what I want out of the day. It’s a delicious moment of peace for me. 

Finding balance in a traditional cup of chaya.

How do you find balance in your life?

We hope you’re making time this summer, and year-round, for the things that make life rich and full. If you’re wearing too many hats in your small business and finding it hard to create space for balance, consider finding a digital marketing partner and investing in other professional allies who will help make your business both more successful and more sustainable—so that it supports the life you’ve dreamed of.