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Have you been losing customers to competitors? Feeling like a ghost on Google because your business can’t be found? Are customers confused about—or simply unaware of—your product or service? Outsource your digital marketing to solve these problems while giving you more time to focus on your business.

As your marketing partner, our goal is to make marketing easy (it’s even in our mission statement!). We want to tell you more about three ways we do that, and paint a picture of what that could look like for your small business.

Three things we make easy when you partner with us to outsource your digital marketing

1. We make blogging easy

Do you struggle to blog consistently? Our blogs position our clients as experts, build trust with customers, and make a compelling case for how our clients can solve their readers’ problems

We save you time by 

  • producing professionally written and proofed copy on a regular schedule
  • creating an editorial calendar that reduces the number of decisions you need to make each month
  • optimizing blog keywords and phrases to increase website traffic 

A successful blog is one that cements your brand, establishes a connection with your audience, and ultimately converts clients. By outsourcing your blog, you gain all of these advantages with a minimum of time and effort.

2. We make strategy easy

What to post? When to publish? How do I get more eyeballs? Creating and managing content can make you feel like pulling your hair out, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. 

Through our consistent, on-brand approach, we generate brand awareness and help business owners feel confident about their business growth and the message we are pushing out.

For our client, the RI Small Business Development Center, we manage three social channels, email marketing and blogging. We make marketing easier by planning ahead and maximizing opportunities so our client feels confident.

By mapping out their social media posts, they gain clarity on what is posted where and when, so everything is neatly organized in one place. And because we consistently post updates that resonate with their audience, our client has seen an enormous boost in buzz—and this awareness has brought increased engagement in their services and attendance at their educational seminars.

3. We make meetings easy

“More time spent in meetings, please!” Said no one, ever. We run extremely organized, intentional meetings that respect your time. All the decisions and discussion happen at the meeting so that you can focus on core priorities and what you love about your business the rest of the month.

​​We build time into our first month of work to get to know your project, and your brand, deeply. Then, regular meetings let you rest easy—and save time—by knowing you have our full attention to go deeper, review results, and refine strategies.

Having regular, pre-scheduled meetings is one way we live out our value of communication and cultivate peace of mind for our clients. They allow our clients to let go, knowing that we have things under control.

Can marketing really be easy?

Not only do we make blogging, strategy, and meetings easy… we also offer our clients:

  • Saved time. We manage your marketing department, so you and your team gain time.
  • Advice you can trust. We make choices that build relationships over selling marketing work.
  • Peace of mind. With a team of marketing strategists at the table, you can relax knowing marketing aligns with big picture goals. 

With a niche supporting small businesses of 5-50 employees in the business services, hospitality, and health & wellness industries, we love partnering with small business owners to support the success of their business dreams.

Are you ready to outsource your digital marketing and make your brand shine? Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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