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Clients often ask us if they should advertise on Facebook. They want the best ROI for their money and have no shortage of options for where to advertise. Here is our answer. If you own or manage a B2C business, and if you know your ideal clients or customers are already on Facebook, and if you have a limited advertising budget, then my answer is a resounding, “YES!” For the simple reason, that…it works! And it’s very cheap (at least for the time being).

Four simple reasons to advertise on Facebook

1. It’s incredibly cheap

One of our clients reached 1,420 users, received 92 post likes, and netted 5 comments with a $15 spend. Yes, $15. That is not a typo! Not so long ago, in order to reach thousands of viewers, one would have to consider the likes of television and print advertising. A full color ad in a monthly magazine would easily cost you thousands of dollars. Facebook offers a unique opportunity to set your advertising budget at a minimum of $1 a day…WITH a return on your investment that is clearly reported with specific statistics like the ones I shared above!

2. It’s targeted

The better you know your target market, the easier it is to create an effective and efficient Facebook ad. You can use filters to make sure your ad shows only to a certain age group, gender, region of the country, education level and even college major! You can also specify interests, such as Sports Fans, or Mom. With over 1.44 billion people on Facebook, creating filters and whittling your reach down to your exact potential customer is sure to bring in business and grow your brand awareness. Even if you are not sure what Top 25 Facebook Marketing Tips page, you can create an ad or boost a post from your own idea. A fantastic page is not required to advertise on Facebook.

3. Custom Audience

Even if you only have a small list of email addresses, they can be a huge help in attracting new potential customers to your Facebook Page. By using Facebook’s “Custom Audience” filter, you can add another layer of targeting. Paste your customer emails in, then widen the circle of who will be shown the ad using the same types of profiles triggered by your existing customer emails.

4. Ad is a strong word

You don’t necessarily have to use your ad…as an ad! Use the space as a soft sell, not a hard advertisement. People are on Facebook to relax, so focus on engagement over conversions. Showcase a cool event you have coming up, share positive news, create a banner or image that your customers will respond to on an emotional level. Or, take the simple route and boost your Facebook content that is doing well on it’s own (organically). People want to know the human side behind your brand and sharing it is good for business. You’ll see better engagement, i.e. clicks, if you avoid company logos and promotions.

Did we convince you to advertise on Facebook?

Facebook advertising can offer a fantastic return on your investment with strong targeting, little commitment and all less than the cost of a daily coffee! You can’t sell to folks who don’t know you. Plus, summer is on its way and wouldn’t you rather be kayaking then figuring out how to drive sales? Try Facebook advertising and further your business today. And if you are wary of jumping into this on your own, check out this DIY Facebook Advertising Guide from Sprout Social, or set up a no-cost 30-minute exploratory call with us.

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