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Psssst! We’ve made a big change, and we’re ready to tell the world:

Integrated Communications + Marketing (ICMis now J.Scott Marketing!

We’ve got a shiny new name, a pretty new logo, and a fabulous new website, but nothing under the hood has changed. We’re still the same solid, committed team, dedicated to getting your business noticed through top-notch, agency-level marketing at small business prices.

Why the change? We were in the market for something sleeker, and we wanted our name in the company name because we stand by our reputation and we value your trust in us. Also, we were getting a few blank stares and long pauses when we shared our (former, loooooong) email address.

One part of our new website that we are particularly proud of is our snappy Guide to Getting Started. If you sense we would be a good fit for your marketing project, set up a no-cost 30-minute exploratory call on our Contact page.

So take a peek at our new website and share it with a friend or colleague who could use our help! We think our new look, name, and logo embody our core goal for all of our clients: we get you noticed.

What do you think of our shiny new website?

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