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Planning to work with a marketing agency? There are many crucial questions to ask before you make your final decision and move forward with the partnership.

One important thing to consider before you sign on the dotted line is whether the marketing agency plans to meet with you regularly. Marketing meetings are a key piece of the puzzle when it comes to effective collaboration, building your brand intentionally, and keeping your partnership in tune.

While email communication has its place for day-to-day check-ins and updates, it shouldn’t be the sum of your team’s communication. Without “live” touchpoints between client and agency, you may miss critical opportunities for relationship-building—and ultimately brand-building.

Let’s dive into the importance of regular marketing meetings, why JSM meets with clients regularly, and why you should expect this of any agency you work with.

Marketing meetings build deeper client-agency partnerships

One of the primary reasons marketing meetings are so vital is that these touchpoints build and expand the partnership between agency and client.

According to Fast Company, 98 percent clients and agencies alike feel that deep partnerships built on trust lead to better results. By establishing times for dynamic conversation, marketing meetings energize the agency-client relationship, offer opportunities for connection, and move the needle forward beyond the transactional nature of email communications.

The better your agency knows and understands you, the better they will be able to serve you and represent your brand. An agency in tune with you will gain additional insight into your goals, your brand voice, and other characteristics that can’t be captured over email.

Likewise, the more you know and understand the agency you are working with, the more input you will be able to provide, and the more informed guidance you will be able to offer. Ultimately, connecting with your marketing agency will allow you to play a deeper, hands-on role in advancing your brand’s marketing efforts.

Marketing meetings create space for clarity

If you are solely communicating with an agency via email, misunderstandings can easily occur, and communication will likely remain surface-level. Marketing meetings allow space for both brand and agency to clarify interpretations, tie up loose ends, and ultimately ensure that everyone is on the same page so you can move forward as a unified team.

Marketing meetings give voice to you as a client, allowing you to fully express your brand vision and goals. In meetings, you can speak up about any new thoughts, goals, or questions that arise as your partnership develops. Meetings also allow you to update your marketing team on any changes or pivots your brand experiences, so your marketing efforts always reflect your brand goals.

Additionally, marketing meetings also give your agency partners room to explain what they plan to implement and why to give you a deeper picture of how marketing projects map to your marketing strategy.

Marketing meetings ensure timely messaging

Regular marketing meetings give your agency the chance to highlight current events, industry developments, and even holidays that you might want to include in your marketing efforts. Timeliness is critical in email and social media marketing, and regular meetings can ensure that you stay up-to-date and respond accordingly through your marketing.

Meetings Showcase Agency Investment and Commitment
How do you know if an agency is invested in you? See how they show up for you and deliver on their promise of adding value. As B2C articulates in their rules for better client meetings, they are “where you cement the value your agency delivers.”

When an agency invests regular time in your brand through marketing meetings, you can tell you have a marketing partner that isn’t just settling for “good enough.” Setting time aside for your brand shows that they truly want to dive deep with you and ensure your ROI.

J.Scott Marketing’s promise

We make marketing easy. Regular meetings with our clients let them rest easy—and save time on checking in—by knowing they have our full attention to go deeper, review results, and refine strategies. They can let go of worrying about marketing in the meantime.

We build in extra time at project launch to get to know our clients’ brands deeply, and we generally set aside time monthly to build our partnership and accomplish the benefits we’ve outlined above. If project timelines call for it, we build in additional meetings to stay on track.

Having regular meetings is one way we live out our value of communication, and cultivate peace of mind for our clients. They allow our clients to let go, knowing that we have things under control.

Our agency is invested in your brand’s success! Contact us to schedule your free consultation today.


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