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We are excited to announce we have officially rolled out our new SEO Services package! We currently offer a variety of SEO services including a 56-point SEO Audit, a Website Audit, and SEO Keyword Research! This package is a well-founded investment in boosting your website and business for years to come.

Wait a minute, what is SEO?

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Yep — another acronym from the marketing world.  We know there are so many to keep track of, but we promise SEO is one that’s worth your time!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the art of showing up high in search engine results. SEO is important because you can have the best website in the world, but without proper SEO, internet searchers (which is pretty much everyone, by now) will never find you by searching on Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo or another search engine.

When you search for a word or phrase, Google wants to show you the most relevant results (so that you’ll use their search engine again). To determine if your website is relevant, Google will crawl your website looking for keywords and then match them to the user’s search. If your website is not embedded with relevant keywords, Google will find other websites that appear more relevant and push your website deeper down in the list of results. For example, if you’re a pizza shop and the word ‘pizza shop’ only appears in your website twice, while other pizza shops have the keyword pizza shop in their website 10+ times, those websites will most likely show up before yours when ‘pizza shop’ is searched.

Now, it’s not totally necessary to be first in results, but think about how often you bother to click to see the second page of results when you are searching. This is why SEO is important.

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Sold on SEO? Read on to see how we can help. Our SEO services can help get you closer to where you want to be in search engine results organically (that means without paying for AdWords). Check out three of our SEO-specific services below.

56-Point SEO Audit

The 56-Point SEO Audit does, in fact, include a whopping 56 checkpoints! When we do an SEO Audit, we take it seriously and tick off all the boxes. While we closely guard some of our secrets, we can reveal that our checklist covers:

  • 21 front-end checkpoints
  • 25 back-end checkpoints

What is the difference between front & back-end SEO?

  • 5 online listing checkpoints
  • 5 social media checkpoints

AND we’ll reveal that some of our checkpoints even have sub-checkpoints that aren’t counted above. Think of it as “56-plus.” Who doesn’t love a few bonus points?

Website Audit

Our Website Audit focuses on how easy your site is to use, your messaging and visuals, and if the site flow leads users to “convert,” (i.e. make a purchase, join your email list, or whatever your primary “call to action” is). Many websites struggle to convey exactly what services or products the business sells. It’s often challenging for business owners, who live and breathe their business, to conceptualize what their customers–who are starting at ground zero–need to get the right amount of information in the right order, to be able to make a purchase or take the next step.

For marketers like us, creating messaging and visuals that explain your business comes naturally. It’s what we love to do. But this first step is low-hanging fruit. Because a website should do more than explain what your business is. It should convert a casual user to a customer. As part of our Website Audit, we strategically consider this process and create content and visuals on your site that persuade users to take that action that makes them a customer (or gets them a lot closer to becoming one). So you come away with an updated website that does more than tell customers about your business – it actively helps sell your product or service.

SEO Keyword Research

Keyword research is the epitome of SEO – it’s the bread to the butter, the peanut butter to the jelly! It is the process of digging down into which keywords your customers are really searching for when they want what you have to offer. Picking the right ones is a critical way to make sure you’re matching up and showing up. You can dig into our blog post describing the importance of keyword research, but for now just know that the right keywords on your website have the potential to drive long-term traffic to you organically. That means free. What’s better than that?

Keyword Research is included in our 56-Point SEO Audit, but it can also be separated from this package and purchased alone.

If you’re interested in exploring our SEO Services and chatting with us to find the perfect package for you, schedule a free 30-minute exploratory call today.

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