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So you nabbed a little PR, and it’s a thrill to hear about your company on the radio, or read about it in the paper! But don’t stop there. Capitalize on your media coverage, so that you don’t lose out on the compounding value of that great, free press when it comes your way. Here are 11 steps to knock it out of the park and capitalize on earned media coverage.

1. Website homepage 
For folks who don’t see the coverage when it first comes out, or don’t take the time to read or watch the story, I recommend sharing the coverage on your website’s homepage. There, it will capture the attention of your potential customers and clients when they’re checking your site out for any other reason. Include the words “As seen on” paired with the media outlet’s logo, and make sure you’re using the most current media outlet logo, as an older version makes you seem outdated. (Psst, I happen to know a really good visual designer.)

2. Media kits and Sales kits
Media coverage conveys a strong stamp of approval and legitimacy to your customers and industry partners. If you have a Sales kit or Media kit (this could take the form of a special PDF for certain types of customers, such a private event bookers), work the media outlet’s logo into your sales materials.

3. Social media content
This part is simple enough to be low-hanging fruit. No printing costs or calls to your web admin needed. Share a link to the coverage, or a screenshot if linking is not an option. Of course, you are going to want to share your thrill across ALL your social media platforms, but create platform-specific messages so that your followers don’t see the exact same post in every outlet. Not on social media yet? Start here.

4. Marketing collateral
Postcards, stickers, pens… it’s all fair game for letting customers know how proud you are of the coverage you’ve received. Associating your brand with a media outlet is a subtle reminder of how well-liked your business is.

5. Signage
Why not? If you’ve received noteworthy media coverage in a national media outlet, or even a notable regional one, consider creating semi-permanent signage so customers can consume it as well. This could take the form of a sidewalk board, a sticker for takeout bags, menus, or pamphlets, or a wall sign. Chances are a lot of them missed it, so this is a way to invite them to read or watch the coverage as well.

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6. Email signature
How many emails do you send in a day? Probably anywhere from a handful to dozens, depending on your role and the size of your business. And each of those emails is an opportunity to leave an impression. In addition to a link to the coverage, you’ll need a catchy headline to summarize and entice people to click.

7. Conversation
Let’s get a bit old-fashioned here. There’s nothing wrong with bringing up your big media hit in conversation. “Did you see the article in…” is a great way to engage with customers and keep them up to date on the good things happening at your business.

8. Pitches for more media coverage
Some media outlets may be more interested in your business if you’ve been written up or won an award from another outlet. But research each outlet carefully to make sure you’re not pitching a rival outlet a story about getting distinguished by their competitor.

9. Your business blog
If you’ve got a savvy PR rep working for you – like us! – she may know when the coverage is going to land before it gets there. That way, you can create content welcoming visitors from the particular outlet covering you (if you assume a lot of traffic). A quick blog post welcoming visitors and sharing the essential things they need to know about your brand is a great way to convert casual surfers to engage more deeply with your website.

10. Business cards
If it’s a really big score, consider putting the media outlet logo on your biz card. This may be appropriate if you’ve been featured on the Today Show or in the New York Times, or other major publications read by your customers. A write-up in your local paper — while great! — probably doesn’t merit that level of permanent recognition.

11. Walls of your business
Why not share your positive coverage with customers who walk through your doors? Grab a fresh print copy or two (newspapers disappear overnight and back issues are pricey) and head to the framing store. Think of how many times you’ve seen a framed review in restaurants — that’s what I’m talking about!

However many ways you choose to share it, enjoy the limelight and have fun milking your coverage for all it’s worth!

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