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You’ve uploaded your profile picture. Your cover photo reflects your brand. But now what? With a Facebook page ready to shout from the rooftops…what should your Facebook content say? More importantly, what should it say to boost your business?  Choosing the right Facebook content can engage potential customers, promote your products and set your business up for success. Read on for five simple tips!

Be Yourself-Share Your Passion

Nothing is more engaging than sincere passion. Be yourself in your Facebook content and most importantly, share your passion. Don’t be afraid to show the human influence behind your brand. Did your dog treat business begin out of the love for your favorite canine? Share his photo and introduce him! Have you been finalizing the perfect packaging for your small batch macaroons? Post the final two choices and let your fan base decide. Social Media allows you to let people behind the scenes of your business…throw the curtain open and engage your audience. Nothing creates more buy in then sincerity and honest drive.

Presumably, your business comes from a dream or a drive you have that you 100% believe in. Are you a nutritionist or a health coach? Share a photo of what’s inside your refrigerator or even your grocery cart! Do you own a restaurant that touts organic and local food? Snap a pic of the organic purple carrots you just scored at the Farmers Market! Share the ways that you live your business. People appreciate authenticity and a brand that is solidly true.

Show off Your Products & Specials

As you grow your Facebook content and page, your followers are a demographic you can really market to. Post your biggest sales. Upload your Happy Hour Menu. Did you just build a beautiful display of handmade bath salts that are now selling on BOGO? Share it! With tangible reasons to frequent your business, customer count will quickly grow.

Share your Gold Stars

Did a local newspaper just name your business on a Top 10 list? Post the link! Did you receive a thank you note in the mail for exceptional customer service a customer enjoyed at your small gift shop? Share It! Share the reasons people appreciate and frequent your business. Doing so gives other people reasons to become a customer!

Everyone’s a Winner!

Even the toughest critic loves to be named a winner. Facebook has loosened its contest rules recently. Consider hosting a contest that is not only fun for your followers but also draws in potential business. Own a restaurant? Ask a question of your Facebook Fans. The folks who comment can be entered to win a complimentary gift card or a dinner for two by your top chef!

After you experiment with content, consider making the posts that get the most “likes” a weekly or monthly series. Building upon popular posts is a smart business tactic. As Facebook fans engage and like your page, your business will appear in the news feed of more potential customers. Creating Facebook content is really about strategically telling the story of your business and yourself.

Kick start the success of your business and start posting Facebook content today! Need help? Schedule a no-cost 30-minute exploratory phone call today!

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