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Businesses that offer professional services, like health and wellness or consulting work, need a content marketing strategy unique to their industry and customers. Without physical products to market and sell, content marketing for professional services can capitalize on the expertise you and your team have to build relationships with prospects and win new business.

The internet has become a digital shopping mall, business ranking system, and educational resource, so there are many different reasons why someone may land on your website. Positioning your online presence as a trusted resource for information and advice that directly engages your ideal clients is a proven way to market your services.

Part one of this three-part series will explore how to become a trusted resource and why this should play a key role in your content marketing strategy. Part two will focus on the importance of using case studies to exemplify your services and finally, part three will explore how to transform all of these incredible resources you’ve created into easily shareable content. 

Creating educational content

Publishing free educational content is an excellent way to build trust with your audience and increase brand credibility. This doesn’t mean giving away all your trade secrets or offering free services. Instead, provide just enough information so that your audience knows you’re an expert in your field and understands that your goal is to help them. If a potential client can solve a small problem on their own using your resources, they will think of you first when they have a bigger concern. 

While content marketing for professional services will have more unique messaging than, for example,  e-commerce, you will still use many of the same platforms. Let’s explore some of the different methods you can use to promote your services through educational content.

Blog content

Creating original and helpful blog content based on highly trafficked keywords is the best strategy for organically attracting readers to your site. Once you’ve found a trending topic related to your industry, you can write up a short blog post and point to relevant resources throughout the content. This can look like linking to a related blog on your site, a downloadable resource that addresses the topic more in-depth, or a webpage detailing a related service that you offer.

The more insightful blog content that you publish and link to, the more you position your company as a trusted resource your audience can and should turn to. This is essential for building brand awareness and recognition and will increase referrals and word-of-mouth marketing. It may also help you get your foot in the door with new contacts.

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Downloadable resources

Knowing your industry and what your clients typically need from you, consider a few resources that you can offer to simplify the process on both ends. Think of these free downloadable content offers as a step above blog content

For example, if your organization offers legal consultations, you can create a downloadable and printable PDF checklist that covers the paperwork a client will need before you can help them. This will save you and your client time and money, plus it will add to your overall credibility and trustworthiness.

An important note: many businesses choose to put their resources behind a “gate,” which unlocks for readers after they provide their contact information. While this can be a good tactic for collecting leads and email addresses, it also risks scaring off potential clients who aren’t ready for even a small commitment and want to avoid unwanted emails. 

Remember, your overall goal in creating all of this content is to build trust and establish yourself as a credible, reliable resource. We recommend finding a happy medium and offering both gated and ungated content. 


If you keep on top of them and send them out consistently, newsletters can be a game-changer in your email marketing strategy. Addressing current events within your industry through monthly newsletters is a great way to add to your brand credibility and ensure your email has enough value to be opened. It also allows you to point to new or relevant blog posts and resources to drive traffic to your site.

An example would be a tech consulting firm that addresses breaking news about cyberattacks at the start of the newsletter, summarizes a related blog post from a few months back that discusses cybersecurity with a hyperlink, and points to a cybersecurity resource at the end. 

Email marketing can be incredibly useful in content marketing for professional services, but it’s imperative to dedicate the time and resources needed to stay consistent and create emails worth opening. If your open rates drop, you increase the likelihood that emails from your organization will be marked as spam. 

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Many marketing resources focus on content marketing strategies for e-commerce sites and, unfortunately, most of those tactics don’t apply to professional services. Your expertise and positioning as an industry leader are what makes your services desirable, so it’s essential to hone in on that. 

The first step in revamping content marketing for professional services is establishing your brand as a trusted resource for industry information. Through blog content, free downloadable resources, and email marketing, you can grow your library of educational content and grow your brand awareness

This blog is just part one of a three-part series we are creating concerning content marketing for professional services. Look out for part two when we discuss case studies. Part three will focus on developing easily digestible content primed for sharing across social media. 

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