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We’re thrilled to share our PR eBook, which contains all our secrets behind getting PR coverage for our clients. Gain access too easy, actionable steps you can start using today to get noticed. Even if you’re new to PR, this PR eBook walks you through the process. This eBook is meant for small business owners who want to get noticed in print, TV, and radio media outlets but don’t have a big budget!

I’ve been featured on Good Morning America, the Washington Post, NPR, ABC, and NBC so I know how to get noticed. I boiled down my top tips and insider secrets into this quick eBook.

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Here’s what to expect in this PR eBook:

  • PR basics that will save thousands of dollars on professional PR
  • Common media “hooks” that will make your story irresistible
  • 11 questions to generate compelling story ideas
  • Whether you need a press release or not
  • PR Pro tricks to stand out among the noise
  • When and how to pitch

What this book is not:

  • An in-depth, technical guide to the PR business
  • A list of media contacts
  • A set of pitch templates that you can plug your name into
  • Boring and long-winded

By reading this, you will gain a stronger idea of what about your business, including your life story, may be interesting to media. You’ll learn the basics of when to pitch, how to pitch, and how to follow up.

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I cannot promise that your business will get covered after reading this. I can promise that you will have a list of more than 11 potential story angles that media consistently covers, dramatically increasing your chances of coverage.



Can you roll with popular trends? Our eBook highlights why the media loves trends.

Still not sure? Here is what people said and tweeted after my talk.

“Best talk on PR I’ve ever seen.” – Ted Ives, SEO Consultant

“You kicked it out of the park!” – Charles Westcott, Social Media Expert

“Great pitching coupled with fun and innovative delivery.” – Suzanne McDonald, Business Strategist

This eBook is the result of more than 10 years of experience as a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist, national brand expert, and marketing maven. After seeing how this content helped so many people, I wanted to create an eBook so you can start getting noticed.

I’m offering this life-changing eBook that could save you thousands of dollars – email me.

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