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As a small business owner, Instagram is a platform to showcase what exactly it is you create. Think about the last Instagram photo that made you take a second look. Did colorful stripes brighten up an artist’s blank canvas? Was it half-baked cookies, sliced and stacked along their crisp contours? What makes an Instagram account popular? Fascinating pictures are important, but there is more to success than photos. Your social media, and rather business, can grow by implementing a few quick and easy Instagram tips.

Here are my top five secrets to creating a wildly popular Instagram page.

1. Content

Think about Instagram photos the same way you think about photos in your home. The pictures you hang on your walls represent you. They are there for (you and) guests to enjoy. Instagram works in a very similar way. Instagram tip number one is to post content that reflects your business and brand personality. Choose photos that captivate an audience through color and design.

Appearance matters. Photos that pop with color, inspire, or in some way question the viewer, draw users in. Curious photos can make the difference between swiping by and pausing to look at a photo.

2. Captions

Captions complement the photo. This is your chance to enhance your creativity beyond the image. Ask a question or create a pun. Quotes are a great way to be inspirational in your post. Whichever direction you decide to take the Instagram, keep the caption short. This should be no more than seven to ten words. There are cases where long captions can work. These include stories, recipes and quotes. But as a general rule of thumb, short Instagram captions are usually the way to go. Instagram users already scroll swiftly through the newsfeed and dedicate most of the time to the photo. A brief and creative caption is the way to go.

3. #Hashtags

Hashtags are an opportunity to reach out to an audience beyond your immediate followers. Users search by hashtag, so when you include them, your photo will come up! Familiarize yourself with popular hashtags that relate to your business. Common hashtags, regardless of your business, are #love, #instagood, and #happy. Check out Top Hashtags to learn more about popular hashtags. Hashtags are a key component to increasing your following and presence on Instagram. Use them well and your Instagram followers will increase.

4. Timing

You can have a beautiful picture with a fun caption and popular hashtags, and your Instagram could flop if you post it at the wrong time. When are your viewers most likely to see them? Generally posts should be published during the day, but you can specify a day and audience. According to Quicksprout, Monday’s are a popular time to post Instagram photos. Apps such as foursquare can help with time management by scheduling posts. Familiarize yourself with popular times for your business to outsource social media and implement this into future Instagrams.

5. Consistency

One of the most important Instagram tips is consistency. By posting quality Instagrams, you will gain a following that looks forward to viewing your future posts. Moreover, followers may search directly for your Instagram account based on its success with other users. It is up to you to keep the bar raised high and publish quality material. You can do it and have fun with Instagram along the way!

Focus on content, captions, #hashtags, timing, and consistency. These are your Instagram tips. Check out Top 25 Facebook Marketing Tips if you are trying to grow your business on all forms of social media! A popular Instagram account is a podium for you to voice your business to as many potential customers as possible. Start creating.

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