Up Your Marketing Game In 5 Easy Steps

  Hot on the heels of our blog post about the top five marketing mistakes we see, we wanted to share some good news! While there is no silver bullet to score overnight success, there are many relatively straightforward marketing tactics you can deploy to up your marketing game and get [...]

Top 5 Marketing Mistakes

We see some really great marketing out there, but more often we see a lot of marketing mistakes–ouch! In many cases, these businesses are not just missing some great opportunities–they’re actually harming their brand by turning off customers. With more than a decade of [...]

Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Marketing Agency

Why hire a marketing agency? A professional friend recently asked me why he or another small business owner should hire JScott Marketing & PR over another solution. Great question! I thought carefully about it, and the answer felt important enough to share in a blog post. If you’re [...]

Why Invest in Small Business Marketing?

We meet a lot of business owners who simply open up their shop and get by on the customers that organically walk through their doors. For others, small business marketing is one of the many tools they use to keep their business healthy, strong, and ahead of the competition. This blog post is [...]